The Elwood House: A Minimalist Living With Mixing of Various Textures

The house below elegantly displays different textures into its volume. Wooden glass and concrete are cleverly incorporated into this modern house, which occupies a 430 square meters ground. The house named the Elwood House is the project envisioned by Jost Architects.  Located in Milton St, Elwood, Victoria, Australia, this family house consists of two levels in which the upper floor is composed by timber.

To meet the demand of the client, the architect designed a distinctive and cozy living with clean lines that mark its simplicity. The client’s need of a house with less clutter was fulfilled plus allowing the inhabitants to see the outside view through its generously-sized windows in the upper level. On the lower level, the kitchen opens up to the dining room and guest room that is only separated by a glass wall. So what do you think about this residence?