The Harmonica Apartment in Chic Modern Concept by Guto Requena, Sao Paulo


Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, The Harmonia Apartment fulfills anyone desire for an open space interior apartment. This apartment is designed by Guto Requena with the concept of fun urban lifestyle. This apartment comprises of two floors where spacious terraces on the second floor function to connect two bedrooms. White tile dominates the material of ceiling and walls of the first floor, especially for kitchen space. This concept is used to give a visual element of the kitchen as well as to separate the cooking space from the dining room and the living room. The relatively small kitchen is designed to be as efficient as possible, that is why you can see the kitchen directly connected to the dining room. Cheerful touch can be seen from bold yellow tone of square dining table with metal chairs surrounding it, while neon light compliments the look of the dining room.

Harmonia-apartment-10 : apartment

Concrete finishes used in this building are enhanced with the unique round staircase which give industrial and simplicity look to the interior design.  There are plastic crates that serve as storage under bench opposing the windows. This is how efficient space use is well applied. Guest can rest comfortably and enjoy the afternoon with distressed armchair and modular cardboard bench. A modern green chair compliments the look of the small living space while adding natural touch to the apartment. On the first floor, there is a shower and mall toilet, while on the second floor, there is also a second bathroom. As you can see from the photos, there are four large dark doors stretching from ceiling to floor that delimits the bathroom from the master bedroom. So what do you think of this apartment? Do the features meet your needs of a dream apartment? Please share your comment with us.