The L-House: A Creative Residence Overlooking Beautiful Countryside View

Architects Collective ZT GmbH recently completed a project named the L house. Situated in Burgenland region, South Austria, this residence is a modern residence that benefits from its magnificent landscape. The house, which has a total surface of 300 square meters, consists of two stories overlooking hilly countryside.

The second floor is where the bedroom, dining room and kitchen are located. The house also features a continuous open space between the two areas making it visually wider. This large space can be used as a spot for family relaxation or children’s playground. Sustainability concept is also applied into this house. The house uses a very low energy seen from the use of triple panel glassing and natural ventilation allowing natural light and air to reign into the house.  Tranquil environment with bright atmosphere gives a cheerful ambiance into the interior. The furniture is clean in shape to strengthen its simplicity and modern style. What do you think about it?