The Lima Residence: A Modern Californian House with Beautiful Landscape View

The Lima Residence is a house designed to meet the needs of the inhabitants of beautiful landscape from the extensive use of glass windows and doors. Designed by the Abramson Teiger Architect, this residence that occupies a total surface of 4,500 sq foot provides the owner with both private and social living space where family and friends can enjoy quality time in comfortable and modern setting. Joining two units of house that is bordered by a courtyard, the house features garage on one side and a guest house on the other side. The house that is dominantly built with concrete features a 14 foot high ceiling gives airy atmosphere, which is great for social spot. Moving to the living and dining space, there is a free standing cabinet that separates the two rooms from the family room. The kitchen is not bordered by any wall making it looks more spacious. The kitchen also features staircase made from steel connecting this zone to the bedroom suite on the upper level. The outdoor patio is an alternative spot for family gathering zone.

This house becomes part of the inspiration to the design of Glamorous Villa in Los Angeles where it is built on hilly terrain. With minimal use of vivid color, Grey and white color scheme is dominant here. Is it kind of your dream house? Tell us what you think about it.

Lima Residence by Abramson Teiger Architects (23)