The Loop Shower: Luxurious Shower with Futuristic Design

If you are dreaming to have a futuristic shower, this Loop Shower can be a good sample. As people keep on dreaming to have an attractive and unique shower, an inventive designer came up to combine them all into luxurious unusual shaped shower. Designed by Diego Granese from the Granese Architecture and Design Studio, the Loop Shower consists of six horizontal streams and a water stream that splashes water like the rain from above. This is what can be described as a personal space pod in futuristic design. In contrast with common showers with closed space, the Loop Shower puts the user on display while enjoying the full-body water blast. Despite of the invigorating feeling that it gives, this shower deserves applause for its unusual and space-effective design.


The Loop Shower Water Splash

Its hollow sphere design gives futuristic look that allows it to be displayed both indoor and outdoor. This surely adds extra enjoyment for your showering experience. The Loop Shower can be placed in spa, on the side of swimming pool or in garden for maximal mind refreshing feeling while you are enjoying the view of the garden. If your home is a modern residence, the Loop Shower can be a good choice to complete your interior or exterior.