The Luxurious La Seora Hammock: Ergonomic and Stylish Hammock

La Seóra hammock one of creative and uniquely crafted hammocks currently available. It is carefully crafted from high quality marine plywood that is not only shaped into a unique design but also offering relaxing feeling without slouching. This is something you will not find in conventional net hammock. The designer said that this hammock was inspired by American and Cuban cultures. American culture represents comfortable foldable armchair with foot rest, which can also be found in Cuban hammock. Combining the two culture furniture, the La Seora hammock can easily be seen as a combination of chaise long and armchair. Stainless steel material is used to ensure that this hammock is strong enough to support user’s body. Marine plywood used as the base of this hammock function to help relieving back strain and providing ultimate comfort. This is something your conventional hammock can’t do. Additionally, you can use the integrated armrest to put your arm comfortably, plus it can be adjusted according to your height. If it is not in use, Seora can be disassembled and stored without a hassle. You can also buy the pillow head and side pocket to put books, magazine or iPod in there. Simply said, La Seora is ergonomic, stylish and comfortable hammock that will be great for relaxation.

La Seora Hammock - Chaise Longue