The New Headquarters of Dada Architecture + Design’s: A Mix of Modern and Country Touch

Dada Architecture + Design and Fabbian Illuminazione recently completed building a modern headquarters with a creative concept. This Switzerland-based studio has successfully met the need of users for an elegant studio with unique atmosphere. It can be seen from the use of lamps and the matching arrangement of other interior elements. With the help of unique details such as furnishing and sculpture, the studio allows potential clients to interact with the inspiring interior design of this studio.

The suspension lamps that are placed on top of the PC station give an awe effect to the room. Tile lamp adds more country atmosphere into this office room.  Highly artistic pictures also complement the whole aesthetic interior design in the meeting room. Wooden material is extensively used in here to develop a natural atmosphere. The chairs employ eye-catching colors that make them stand out from the wooden material and become the center of attention in the studio. This studio is simply the mixture of minimalist and country design with the touch of abstract pieces of art as you can see from the decorative element above the cream colored sofa. Unlike the other rooms, the study room offers more vivid colors for such as light green and orange for the table to spice up the ambiance. The choices of color stimulate creativity while raising the mood of anyone who works in here. So, what do you think about the studio? Share your comments with us.

Fabbian lights up the new Dada Architecture+Design headquarters 8

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