The New Icon Kitchen: An Elegant Kitchen With Optimum Functionality

Those who are passionate about cooking will love to have one of these kitchen lighting ideas as part of their home. Modern design in sleek shape of the Icon Kitchen meets the need of functionality, aesthetic and technical performance. This elegant kitchen is a project designed by Giuseppe Bavuso and manufactured by Ernestomeda, and it has been featured at Eurocucina 2012 in Milan. The design has successfully fulfilled the expectation of modern people who love functionality and rationality without compromising aesthetic value. Clean shape detail of the furniture provides tactile appeal. This can be seen from the flex wall cabinet that can be folded out and slide up. Storage system located below the top keeps everything well-organized with only push of a button. Moreover, this modern kitchen is complemented by an enchanting lighting. Some small green plants are added to give natural touch into this highly modern kitchen.

Icon Kitchen