The New Maggie’s Center in Nottingham: Oval Building Cancer Care Center That Makes Patients Feel Like Home

The New Maggie’s Center in Nottingham’s Hospital Campus is built with a symmetrical design and generous height that gives the building a spacious sense surrounded by trees. As you can see, its distinctive design of green egg-shaped building glazed with ceramic tiles stands on a smaller ground. A cancer care center indeed should be designed into a peaceful sanctuary for people who enter it. Its unique architectural design invites people from outside to take a look inside. Once they are in, they will feel a harmony of space and light to make them feel like home.

Designed by Sir Paul Smith in collaboration with Piers Gough, the interior of this building incorporates soft wall colors and beautiful furniture coming from around the world.  Some decorative elements are well placed, such as a floral printed fabric that gives chic look to the room. The upholstery of several chairs is a statement of the classic Paul Smith stripes. According to the designer, this Cancer Care Center is built to be a refugee for people with cancer rather than a mere place to sleep.

 This building has four flats in which the interior is designed to give homey feeling. As visitors enter the lobby of this cancer care center, they can enjoy the green views of the surrounding through a bridge that passes the plants and trees on the inclined site. A more unique part of this building lies in the staff office and library where each of those rooms has balconies framed by trees. There are two consultation rooms, a spacious meeting room, two lavatories, and a day bedroom that can be accessed by lift. The meeting room serves as a multifunction room that can be used for various events.