The NINO Office System, A Flexible and Minimalist Workstation designed by Arianna De Luca


Why stick to a conventional and boring desk if you can get this flexible office system for your office? Designer Arianna De Luca, through her innovation, has attempted to bring a new statement of desk with the Nino Office System. It took her two years to make this unique furniture system in which the user can assembly it themselves with a set of satellite object.

NINO flexible office system (2)

The NINO office system comes to provide a solution for office workers by introducing a new mobile and multifunctional desk. It features three important elements into one mobile office system that are flexibility, sociability and dynamism in workspace. It is a good piece of furniture if you love working with others and sharing the latest updates. The NINO System is designed to provide workers to work with their daily gadgets such as laptop and mobile phone in a way that does not require a fixed position.

In the other hand, companies usually need a huge expense to buy and install office furniture that is only used a few hours per day. With this innovative office system, expense on office furniture is very possible to be reduced. Check out more detail about NINO from these pictures.