The Notting Hill House After The Make Over

Renovated by Paper Project Architecture and Design, this house is an inspiring sample of what a modern house should be. The building, which is named as the Notting Hill House, is a highly stylish and comfortable modern living. Two levels are added to this house, which are used for the kitchen and master bedroom. The designer used the concept of an open-space living to let the natural light flooding the entire interior. The floating glass stairs are the unique feature of this house. The painting is very captivating with its striking colors that bring fresh atmosphere into the white palette room. Moving to the basement kitchen, you can see that vivid color is more dominant in there than other places in the house. The dining and cooking area is merged to create a more intimate connection between the two zones. It also incorporates dark-colored furniture with green chairs to accompany the glass table. White Danish wood flooring gives a modern touch to the whole interior. The good news is this elegant and stylish residence is now on sale.

The Notting Hill House Architecture