The Ridge House: A Private Residence In The Middle of Evergreen Forest

Broad Valley is the main attraction of this house, which is named The Ridge House. The name is borrowed from the beautiful landscape of the ridge surrounding the residence. Built along the crest of a narrow ridge in a rural area in Canada, this house was designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. This house is intended to provide the inhabitants with a private living and recreation place in the middle of evergreen forest.

The living space is designed to overlook the steep slope through the glass wall that connects the inside and outside of the house. Nestled on a 6,300 square meters ground, this house is mainly made of wood. Two large fireplaces made of stone bring natural harmony that defines primary circulation along the south wing of the stone. The living space allows the inhabitants to easily access other areas such as bathrooms, closets and other spots. Master bedroom was designed to have a magnificent view of the forest. With the extensively use of glass, the designer made this house to receive maximal exposure of sunlight and air. It is indeed a peaceful sanctuary surrounded by a relaxing environment. Share your comment about this residence.

Ridge House Side View