The Starfall Farmhouse: Rustic and Modern Style In One

Located along the St. Catherine Valley in England, the Starfall Farmhouse is a rustic farmhouse surrounded by the beautiful UK rural landscape. Though the rustic atmosphere still dominates the entire building, the designer has successfully infused contemporary atmosphere into the interior design. Invisible Studio, the designer for this renovation, created unusual section to let outside light brightens this farmhouse.

The sliding glass door in the kitchen makes a modern statement around its rustic touch allowing the dwellers to enjoy the beautiful view of the valley. An open space concept building can be seen from the use of a complete transparency in the kitchen from the use of sliding glass screens. It makes the dwellers to feel like cooking in an open space.

Starfall Farm by Invisible Studio 5

Built on a 2.36 sq feet farm area, the farmhouse still keeps its country side style both in the exterior and interior.  This extensive renovation still uses most of the barn materials to give the original look of the farmhouse. The designer said that the project is intended to solve heat problem of this farmhouse. As the result, the farmhouse, which is owned by Anna Benn and Xa Sturgis, now becomes an energy efficient farmhouse.  The timber cladding is utilized to hide the old and rustic part of the building that seems out of place with the new concept of the renovation. Additionally, it is also used to reveal the stunning views of the landscape making it looks modest yet inviting. This project has successfully brought up minimalist interior design renovation with limited budget.