The Vultureni House: A Modern Open-Space Residence in Bucharest, Rumania

The Vultureni House is an eye-catching house with a contrasting architectural design with the surrounding. The house comes with two courtyards for private and public use. The corner parts of the house as well as the terraces are very spacious. Large glasses dominate this modern house, which allow natural light to flood all the rooms in this house. The interior is mainly dominated by white color to provide clean and contemporary look. More about the interior, it incorporates mainly simplicity and more introvert character compared to the outer volume.

The key architecture of this building is incorporating open space for a residence in a rectangular shape. The use of glass with great arrangement of furniture creates a spacious feeling in this relatively small-sized building. Light from the outside can easily penetrate into the rooms through the two skylights, and make the interior of this house looks bright and energizing. TECON, the architecture studio that designed this building, has successfully created a lively residence that perfectly blends privacy and public space. With its distinctive architectural design, this house is a great sample of an urban house in the city of Bucharest, Romania. The exterior also speaks a unique feeling, as you can see from the asymmetric steps on the inclined terrain.

Vultureni House by TECON Architects

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