The Wave House: Striking Design in Contemporary Summer House

A residence with striking architecture might be the best words to describe this house. Designed by a Turkish architect, Gunes Peksen, this residence is named the Wave House, which describes a bit of its concept. The wave in motion and its distinctive shape are apparent from its exterior. With white color for the walls, this house looks bright and is a perfect holiday living space. The spectacular glass window offers a wide view over the yard. The house is designed with a wave concept in mind that covers a modern lifestyle of the inhabitants. The modern style is defined by the sharp angles and sleek design of the furniture. The rooms are flooded with natural light and breeze of fresh air. The outside part of the house is enhanced with a ramp that leads the footsteps to the glazed facade. Does this crib inspire your summer getaway living? Share your comments with us.


Modern Wave House Concept by Gunes Peksen 11