Timisoara Lounge: Classy Place With Exceptional Interior Design

Rumania is always stuffed with attractive spots to explore. One of them is the Jazzissimo Lounge in Timisoara, an impressive spot as part of newly renovated Theresia Bastion. Guests can enjoy hang out in this classy place while relaxing with friends. It can be best described as sophisticated lounge with great interior design.  Let’s take a look at the interior details if this classy lounge.  Adrian Hanas and Stefan Lazar as the interior designers from Rumanian based studio, Ezzo Design, said that this lounge carefully unites chosen materials and colors into an impressive entertaining space.

More about the project, the lounge interior design came from the designers’ feeling in which jazz-inspired touch is combined with colors to create a cozy yet elegant spot for young people. The Jazzissimo lounge itself offers two spots, the Jazz area and the lounge, and each of them features distinct interior design. The eye-catching pieces of furniture are carefully chosen to give fresh atmosphere. The room is designed to accommodate up to 100 people.  As you can see, the lounge offers some breathtaking layout, all drowned in classy shape and color choices as well as natural materials such as leather and wood. Some details are very enchanting. Decorative elements such as the picture of Marilyn Monroe, adds aesthetic touch to the room.  Each room features its distinctive theme with welcoming color choice. Green color dominates the room. The beautiful pattern of green carpet and couches blends perfectly with the brick wall for mind refreshing effect.  Moving to the jazz area, there is a VIP smoking lounge where guests can enjoy fine cigars and whiskey. To mention one of its attractions, the lounge features a distinct gentlemen toilet with trombones embedded in warm color and light, while the toilet for ladies are more natural with some vintage touch. According to the designer, Stefan Lazar shared about of his future plan for the lounge in which he will make the place becomes a spot providing high standard of value. We would love to hear your opinion about this amazing place.