Total Transformation Of A 1981’s House Into A Highly Stylish Living

At the first glance from the outside, this house looks a monotonous white building, but if you look inside, the house will capture your heart from its amazing interior. Mell Lawrence Architect was challenged to remodel the home built in 1981 to be a modern dream house that is completely different from the original construction and design. Occupying a 2,700 square meters ground in Austin, Texas, the owner of this house is a couple with three dogs.  The house formerly consisted of several walls that later demolished in order to build an open floor plan with natural light brightening the whole house. Most of the home elements are remodeled such as the floor, ceiling and wall. The kitchen is very captivating, which is merged with the dining and living space. Wooden shelves to place kitchen accessories make this cooking spot looks warm and homey. This house also has a rolling glass door that is cleverly installed to be a low cost solution while maintaining the unique look of the interior.  On the exterior, there are two terraces located on different levels that are connected by large steps made of concrete. The inhabitants can enjoy the natural views of the surrounding from these terraces. The architect has successfully brought an old-styled house into a modern taste living.

Mell Lawrence Architects bathroom 2