Unique Collection of Cushions by Coussin Baptiste Viry

Need something unique to make your interior looks more charming? Check out these collections of eye-catching handmade cushions. Awesome blend of leather from man shoes can be seen in this decorative cushion. These charming cushions created by Coussin Baptiste Viry for Yellow Velvet are made of patchwork leather and named as The Little Shoes. This is a great piece to give a unique look to your interior. The Little Shoes cushion is made of hand sewn shoes finished with a hot wax buff. Another captivating cushion below, which is named The Pause, is made of white cotton canvas that expresses the superior Barenia calf’s leather straps. As you can see in the picture, this cushion can be used to put a magazine, glove, and other items. The next cushion, which is made from white cotton featuring navy blue canvas mat, is named the Siesta Cushion. The gold plated buckles add elegance to the cushion design. Artistic and lovely, these decorative cushions are great items to put in your couch.

Modern CUshion COllection