Unique ScrapLights Made Of Cardboard By Graypants

Lighting is an important element in any house as it can enhance the look of the interior and exterior. If you are looking for a lighting that is also environmentally friendly, you should take a look at the collections of light by Graypants.  These unique lights are made of unused cardboard that are carefully cut with laser and assembled by hand. The non toxic adhesive ensures that these lights are safe for your health. Imagine how unused materials can be turned into an artistic piece that will enhance the interior of any room. However, these lights are not recommended to be used outdoor since they are made from cardboard.

The lights that are named as Scraplights give a romantic and dramatic effect from the shadow that they create. Seth and John, the creative designers behind this social project explained that the lamps were made for social works program.  The social work employs individuals with disabilities in order to give awareness of the importance of recycling and also to help develop working skills for them. The safety aspect is also taken into account. Each of the light is also treated with non toxic fire retardant to minimize the risk of getting burned.

Cutout BELL 102 by Graypants