Unusual Modern Glass House Surrounded by Concrete Blocks in Hiroshima, Japan

At first it will be hard to understand why this home is built with concrete blocks surrounding it. According to the Naf Architect& Design, the designer of this house, this house is intended to create a living that can stand against earthquake. Though this beachfront residence uses glass as the dominant element, this house ensures the inhabitants’ privacy. Each large concrete is also reinforced with steel with the dimension of 1m x 1m x 1.5m to ensure its strength against earthquake. The interior is full of natural light that comes from the sun shine pouring over the blocks. The plants add the natural beauty of the house. The roof and glass function to enclose the interior space among the concrete block structure. The terrace offers direct view to the ocean where inhabitants can enjoy a refreshing afternoon tea. A distinctive house with tasteful architecture isn’t it?

glass house