Up-Over-Between House, a Distinctive Architectural House with Beautiful Landscape and Waterfront View.

This home is uniquely designed to capture beautiful landscape and waterfront views. Located in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, Massacushet, the residence named as the Up-Over-Between House. Hutker Architects came with this design so homeowner can enjoy the magnificent views of the landscape and waterfront from the roof garden as well as from the terrace.

 The stone walls welcome guests with awesome view from full glass wall. Leaving the terrace, let’s take a look at the kitchen design where you can find floating kitchen cabinets that create an impression as if the furniture is within the stone living areas and the glass wall. Found in Design Rulz, this house is very intriguing. The color choice and decorating ideas especially found in the living room are very appealing.

The designer used vivid colors such as pink and turquoise to give a cheerful feeling to the interior. If you look at the living room, you will find something unusual yet appealing. It is the small bathroom built in living room, which is unusual idea.