Villa Roces: Transparent Residence In The Middle Of Forest, Belgium

Belgian based Architecture Studio, Govaert & Vanhoutte Architecten, recently came with this residence with the concept of high degree of transparency. The glass windows replace the use of wall and give natural atmosphere in this transparent house. Located in Bruge, Belgium, this residence is named Villa Roces.

This striking architectural design stands out from the wooden environment, but it still goes in harmony with it. This house comprises of several zones that resembles a huge rectangular glass box. It is actually not entirely transparent as there is a wall outside the house that functions to give privacy to the inhabitants. This house also features some split levels that function to reduce its glass effect to the environment as well as making the statement of the height of the residence. The cooking zone, dining room and living room are located on the bottom level of the house, while the children’s bedroom and master bedrooms are located in the upper level. The whole interior design incorporates minimalist concept that can be seen from the clean line shape of the furniture with basic color choices such as grey, black and white. All of them are mostly in rectangular shape. Lastly, one thing that might attract you is the long and narrow swimming pool just beside the house.

Villa Roces living room