Vivienda Gago Residence: The Adorable Rectangular Shaped Residence in Madrid, Spain

Located in the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain, the Vivienda Gago is a residence designed with a concept of open horizontal architecture. Though it is a not so large (600 sq meter), the use of glass windows in almost all rooms makes this house feels spacious. The color choice also contributes to the generous volume effect with white tone dominating both interior and exterior of this residence. The focal point of this residence is the double height living room where the dwellers can enjoy magnificent view of the residence.

The livingroom is also connected to the porch and garden outside the house making it an open concept room. Marta Gonzales Arquitos, the designer, has successfully incorporated furniture to create a welcoming residence both for living and socializing. It can be seen from the spacious lounge area allowing the inhabitants to have numerous activities and entertainment.

modern residence 2

Large dining and bar tables also indicate that the owner of this house loves to invite friends to come by. The exterior and interior elements such as furniture, framing and windows mostly use rectangular shape to give a bold statement of modern architecture. Outside the house, there is a swimming pool where the inhabitants can relax while enjoying the view of the garden.