White Beaches and Sparkling Maldivian Waters Surrounding The Constance Halaveli Resort

Constance Halaveli Resort is where people want to go to have a dream holiday in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. This paradise, which is located in North atoll of Maldives, offers clear blue waters and white sand beaches surrounding this six star accommodation. Guests can enjoy unforgettable holiday experience from its stunning view of the Maldivian beaches and islands.

Each villa is equipped with private plunge pool terraces where guests can enjoy relaxing time while sipping delicious beverages. Constance Halaveli Resort is also recommended for couples who want to have a family holiday with their children as this resort provides kid’s entertainment zone called Kuda Children’s Club. While parents spend time together for romantic getaway, children can play in this entertainment zone.  More about refreshing retreat from this resort, Constance Halaveli has Spa de Constance for natural healing and mind relaxation. This villa also offers exquisite cuisine especially if you are seafood lovers.

Constance Halaveli Resort 10

This resort offers best cuisine with the touch of European and Asian cuisines. Constance Halaveli is also a great place for divers who want to experience diving in the best marine spot in the world. Enough talking about the resort from the outside, let’s check out how they look from the inside. It is actually an open-concept villa where guests can still enjoy magnificent view of the sea from their room. Wooden material is extensively used for ceiling, flooring, chair frame and many other parts of the villa to give natural Maldivian accent to the villa interior. So, why don’t you list this six-star resort in your holiday agenda?