White Canvas Office; an Advertisement agency office inspired by Blank white Canvas

The White Canvas takes its name into a level of its office interior design. This modern office takes its inspiration from a blank white canvas in which the art will reflect the personality of the artist. This Indian Based advertising agency gets the idea of the concept from the campaign of Absolute Vodca’s Absolut Blank  in which the artist are free to express their imagination and aspiration on a white blank canvases. The office building consist of several rooms such as discussion room, meeting room and idea room in which the concept resemblance the container in Absolute bottle in the Absolut Vodca campaign. Each container will be filled with the main use of the space, in this case the room office. The unique part of the interior is seen from the waste piece of block board which is left unfinished to create an unusual attraction. Rooms which acts like container look bright from the light that come inside through the generous sized glass window.  This is why the containers are placed in the center of the floor for easy access of air and light. Meanwhile the space between the containers allows can be used for workers to have a break time. Beside the white and black palette color that dominates the interior, some striking colors are used to break its monotonous feeling. Vivid yellow and green boost from the chair, doors, and wall art boost energy of the room. It is overall can be defined as clean, simple yet functional interior design of an office.

Project by Kamat & Rozario Architecture and Photos by Shanavas Photography.

Modern White Canvas Office Space (16)